Since the beginning, we made an effort to manage our business in a sustainable way, with respect and care for nature, and a social and environmental commitment towards our community.
To achieve this respectful relationship with the environment, we have set certain criteria to guide the use of resources. Implementing small decisions or changes of habits, we get closer to this goal:
  • We built our house prioritizing insulation, PVC windows and double glazing to prevent loss of heat, which is crucial in our climate.
  • We have chosen a central heating system with radiators and individual thermostat controls, making it safe, comfortable and efficient to maintain a proper indoor temperature.
  • We have installed a high recovery hot water tank which optimizes gas consumption.
  • In every bathroom, toilets have a half flush system, to be used whenever a full deposit download is unnecessary.
  • The showers have a water saver device that maintains the same sense of flow and spin of water while it saves up to 70% water consumption.
  • We use energy saving lamps, and outdoor lights are automatically regulated with photocells.
  • The replacement of towels and linens are done only upon request and need, or regularly every 3 days.
  • We use biodegradable soap for the laundry, and synthetic biodegradable detergent for dishwashing.

In El Chaltén, as in all cities and villages of the world, waste & garbage treatment is a difficult issue that concerns us all.
Town residents and businesses launched a project to separate garbage suitable for recycling, reducing total waste volume and facilitating their transportation. This is why at Nothofagus B&B we separate our garbage according to its final destination and possible treatment:

  • Organic waste: (food scraps, leftovers, grass, etc.) which will generate a compost fertilizer for our garden and greenhouse.
  • Recyclable inorganic waste: to be classified and separated as follows:
  • Clean cardboard, clean dry paper, glass, cans (aluminum and tin), plastic bottles (PET 1 and 2) and their covers, tetra-bricks. This way we facilitate the work to be done at the Waste Collection and Redistribution Inorganic Center (CARRI) of our town.
  • Every bathroom has a basket for general waste and another for organic waste. As well, placed at a common area of the house, we have specific containers for each type of garbage, where all guests can collaborate by classifying and depositing their separated waste.

BATTERIES: Unfortunately we still do not have a special treatment for batteries in our region. If possible, we ask guests to take them to larger cities where they have the opportunity to be duly processed.

Nothofagus B & B features the “Green Seal” certification: A recognition for companies or businesses that comply with certain guidelines based on the principle of sustainability, social and environmental responsibility, and a commitment to the community.

Chalten’s Chamber of Commerce, through the Environmental Committee and the Commune’s Department of Tourism Environment and Fishing, are taking on this project. Its mission is to promote a model of tourism that effectively contributes to sustainable standards and the protection of heritage, cultural and natural resources of this destination, thus contributing to the development of companies and businesses with social and ecological responsibility.